At Elgin Approved, we specialize in bad credit auto loans with affordable interest rates. Our approach to bad credit card loans is simple: Provide affordable financing and quality, low mileage vehicles that allows you to rebuild your credit.

Our specialists will match your application with a lender that specializes with your credit situation. These are lenders who will understand your needs and will carefully consider your current circumstance rather than your past credit history.

Our online application only takes two minutes to fill out. We only ask for information we actually need to help you get the best rate and put you in the car you always wanted.

Elgin Approved has been serving Ontario as a trusted source of bad credit auto loans for people who are establishing or rebuilding their credit. We help you get behind the wheel of a reliable used car, crossover, SUV, minivan or truck faster and easier.

Rebuild Your Credit

A car loan or lease is one of the best ways to start to re-establish your credit. When financing a vehicle, most established lenders file with the Credit Bureaus monthly to show other lenders that you have a car loan or lease, the amount involved, and your payment history.

When you have paid off your auto loan, it is shown as being discharged on your Credit Bureau Report. Other lenders will see that you’ve been successful and your credit score will improve.

Our goal is to have you complete your car loan successfully with on-time payments that rebuild your credit status. Many of our best customers return to us for their next car. With the improved credit they’ve earned, we can offer them even better terms going forward.